Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Moments!

Hello again ... good grief at this rate you'll give up on me sharing any ideas, since it's been a week between posts. Sorry ... just a bit occupied around here with "life" and my upcoming SAS. And since that's about all I've accomplished, I had to dig to find something to share with you today.

This is a card I just did in bulk for my aunt's recent order for the Stamp a Child Home project. My "rules" for her generally are "hearts and glitter". I thought I'd used up all of my heart options until I remembered that the Priceless set has a heart in it! ... and it can be glittered! So there ya have it. This one is in Rose Red and I did another batch for her in Amethyst. The prints papers came in very handy for quick backgrounds. The inside of the card is lined with whisper white, then a heart stamped on the lower left corner. I used Tombo glue to adhere the glitter as I wanted it raised just a bit. Worked out very well.