Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thank Ewe!

Here's a little "thank ewe" packet that I made up for a couple thank you gifts I needed. I love this simple packet holder. Super easy to make and it holds about 4 cards really well. This card set is made with the Cutie Pie papers and the Pun Fun stamp set. I'm not usually the "punny" type, but this set is irresistible.

As you can tell, I haven't had much time for stamping ..... so it might be slim pickin' around here for ideas for awhile. There seems to be a big event going on in our lives that just is taking all the time I have right now! :) We are just so thrilled the time is drawing closer that we can travel and bring our daughter HOME!!


Melissa Sagaser said...

My Dear Shelly,

I laughed when I saw this...I was in the process of making this similar project, (Remember the spring, summer, winter & fall one we made together....) I should send you pictures, I was about half done. (2 Cards and Folder, Colors were different) Very funny! Great minds think alike. I have been thinking about you alot. You are a special person and an inspiration to me...that is why I have given you an award, check out my blog for more details.

Miss You!