Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Welcome to "Moments in the Making"!

Some years back, I was introduced to the creative world of scrapbooking and card-making. While living on a frugal budget, it was a challenge to keep a stock of supplies. For the last couple of years I have thoroughly enjoyed being a Stampin' Up! demo. At the time, I had no idea that fun would grow! Since it has ... and since there are many miles separating our 'lil growing group ... I wanted to provide a creative spot where we could share ideas and inspiration. So here it is! ... the on-line home of "Moments in the Making"! Here I'll share info about upcoming events, creative ideas and on good days, maybe a bit of inspiration!

So welcome! I am thrilled to have several gals now in my group. Some of us are hobbyists and some are working to fund their own habit ... oh!, I mean hobby!!!

Since my family is in the midst of an amazing journey called adoption, the posts here might be limited at first. You can follow that adventure here! I hope to at least post something each Monday for my group, which will be called "Monday Moments".

One of the biggest blessings to this creative little part of my life is building relationships with some wonderful gals, namely my customers. Many have become dear friends. So ... for you all, this will be one more place that hopefully you can enjoy some creative ideas, keep up to date on class info and various other things.


3 Brats said...

Hey Shelly-poo!!!
Can't wait to see all of your creations....Just Mondays?!?! C'Mon lady!!

The Roberts Family said...

You silly girl!, read more closely ..... Mondays I'll be sure to post something for my "Moments in the Making" group! ... that's you! :) The other days? ... ummmm .... well, guess we'll see what kind of day it is! If you'd come visit me you could see what I've been up to! :) I promise good coffee! ~S